Member Self Service

A One Man Ux Team and a Desktop Application
Story Context
  • I currently work at Jonas as a Ux designer
  • Jonas Fitness makes software for Gyms / Clubs
  • This software runs the entire club facility, from Check-In's to Contract Sales
1. The Problem
MSS Dashboard

For this project, I was tasked with creating another web application that was very similar to Join Online, in that it would also be used by our clients customers.

So whats this one about??? Member Self Service is an application that our clients customers could use for logging in at anytime and seeing their current gym information such as billing, scheduling, appointments and managing family members. It is a dashboard of sorts for gym members to use, backed by the data from our system.

So... in a nutshell, the Member Self Service website gives our clients a huge value add, as their members can manage a lot of their account information at anytime from anywhere with Internet access.

2. The Research
Join Online and MSS

I had a Eureka moment... Since we had already completed the legwork on Join Online, including and administration page for allowing our clients to brand the site with their colors and logos why complicate this project with another admin and complexity. So I had the idea of using all the work we had already done for Join Online and re-factor it to build the MSS site. There would be no need for our clients to add branding for this site, because they already did the work when they set up their branding for the Join Online site.

Plug and Play... There was a very old version of Member Self Service already in place but it was never used by our clients because of its age and lack of features. I used that as a starting point before interviewing subject matter experts and a few of our current clients. I then mocked up the site, this time in full HTML because I would be reusing much of Join Online. I demoed the site to those same clients a few days later and got overwhelming buy in.

3. The Design
MSS Appointments

Refactoring, the ultimate time saver... This project design was relatively quick and straight forward because much of the code blocks written for Join Online were able to be reused in this project. There were some new areas I had to work out such as calendar scheduling, but I actually had done work on a calendar for part of the i4 and Compete projects which I was able to also reuse here.

4. Iteration

No iterations on this one yet... Iterations have been pushed back on this project as they have been deemed low priority. I will continue to update as I try to slide this one into the iteration schedule.

5. Lessons Learned

Work smart not hard... Because I was able to re-factor a lot of the design and code from Join Online, I was able to get this product to the dev team in a matter of a few weeks.

Value Add... The new MSS is being used by almost all of our clients now with an adoption rate of about 80%, whereas with the old MSS it has a relatively low adoption rate of less than 5%.