Product Manuals

YIKES!! Those designs back in early 2000's
Story Context
  • I worked at Liebert/Emerson from 2000-2013
  • I started as a web designer/developer from 2000-2006
  • I was promoted to management level in charge of all design in 2006
  • Liebert is a subsidiary of Emerson Corp.
  • Liebert makes large Air Conditioners and other equipment for data centers

So whats this one about??? Liebert / Emerson sells a vast array of products. To complicate the issue, many of our products are highly configurable. One of the biggest complaints support was receiving was people were having a hard time finding manuals for their particular product. They would have to search through the various product categories and details to find their manuals. Not only our customers, but also field technicians needed a way to quickly download a manual for their equipment.

A one page wizard... I solved this problem by creating a one page wizard that was linked directly off of the Emerson home page. The wizard was a set of drop downs that simply asked the customers a few questions in order to determine what product they had. In reality the questions asked are exactly the same as the current navigation system that caused them issues before. But by putting it on one page and eliminating the clutter, the tool was a dramatic success.

The results... The page became the second most hit page on the site, next to the home page. It also cut support calls down by a large percentage according to the manager in that department. In fact, when Emerson corporate took over the website to redesign it, they failed to include this tool. The result was multiple customer complaints begging for them to bring it back.