Sales Rep Look Up

YIKES!! Those designs back in early 2000's
Story Context
  • I worked at Liebert/Emerson from 2000-2013
  • I started as a web designer/developer from 2000-2006
  • I was promoted to management level in charge of all design in 2006
  • Liebert is a subsidiary of Emerson Corp.
  • Liebert makes large Air Conditioners and other equipment for data centers

Your humble narrator just wants to get this out of the way... the designs that looked so good back then are sure hard to look at today. Kind of like the cartoons you watched when you were younger. Have you tried watching them now? They are pretty hard to watch. But I digress, lets get on with story shall we?

So whats this one about??? Liebert sells product through sales representatives based on their customers location. Each sales rep has a territory that covers various zip codes. These were all in a database but the web page required you to go through a series of pages to finally find your rep. Worst yet, you had to do it every time you came back and wanted to buy a product. So how did I solve this?

Back when flash was cool... and all the rage, I decided to use it to solve this problem. I created a small flash file that would sit on each product page. It was a "wizard" that handled finding the customers sales rep without ever leaving the page. The customer would enter their zip code, and flash would send that information back to the database and retrieve the proper sales representative. In addition, it stored that information in a cookie, so that when you went to any other product page, or came back to the site at another time, you sales representatives information would display in the box.

But wait, it gets even cooler... I also built in the idea of capturing the customers information. Thats right.. this tool doubled as a lead generation tool. Customers were prompted to enter their email and phone number into the tool, which as also stored via a cookie. Now, not only did your sales rep information show up on each product page, but a button labeled "Contact Me About This Product" showed up as well. All the customer had to do was click that button.. and 'VOILA', a lead is born. The flash file sent off the customers data straight to their sales rep.

The results... The last time I had talked to the Marketing department, the tool was generating over $100 million a year and increased lead generation by more than 50%. Not to shabby if I don't say so myself.